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I've never been a gourmet cook, but I used to love baking! Cookies, lemon bars, bundt cakes, cupcakes, shortbread brownies...loved it! But now I can't seem to really give my Kitchen-Aid the quality time it deserves, especially since I've discovered my gluten allergy! All my gluten-free desserts just don't seem right :( 

So earlier this week, my friend, Kat, sent me this quick, easy, gluten-free recipe! Its yummy, doesn't involve baking, and did I mention its quick?! The perfect dessert for that last minute holiday party or potluck. Cut them and throw them in festive muffin cups to really get into the spirit! Kat found it on Pinterest, which led her to this page...full of amazing goodies! Click here for this recipe and to check out the rest of the site! You'll love!

A few tips:

* If you don't have shortening, just throw in a tablespoon of canola oil into the chocolate before you melt. This works just as well!

* Cookie butter or Biscoff butter works instead of peanut butter if you're not a huge fan or allergic to peanuts!



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