Spring Window Display

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Aloha Spring! We created a window display filled with oversized flowers to commemorate the colorful and happy feeling that comes from Spring. It is the perfect decoration for any store, party or craft night! We fell in love with the idea from this amazing blog from Design Sponge. We tweaked some of the directions, but it still resulted in a fun and cute display.


  • Chicken wire (Home Depot)
  • Brown paper
  • Tissue paper (Green and bright colors)
  • Plastic flower stems
  • Elmer's glue & hot glue gun
  • Scissors & pencil & tape
  • Gloves & wire cutters
  • Dried Moss


  1.  Put on some gloves and grab a friend to help you construct the stem. Decide on the lengths of your flower stems. We made some taller than others.
  2. Cut your wire and mold together to make your stem. Be careful!
  3. Cover the wire with brown paper. We used tape!
  4. Glue green tissue paper over stem until completely covered. Use a small line of Elmer's Glue.
  5. Instead of making leaves, we took stems from fake flowers we used for an earlier project. We cut them and glued them at the bottoms of the stem.
  6. Time to make the flowers! Make stencils of the various sizes you want to use for petals. We recommend three sizes. Trace on tissue paper and cut.
  7. Form the smallest petals together like a bouquet. Tape the tissue stems together.
  8. Continue to add on the bigger petals until you have reached the size you want for your flowers. Secure tissue stem with a zip tie.
  9. Cut circles out of tissue paper and scrunch the edges. Glue into center of flower.
  10. Glue moss on center of circular tissue paper.
  11. Attach flower to stem using zip ties.
  12. Fluff up the tissue paper and TA-DAAAHHH! You have yourself a beautiful flower. 


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