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We LOVE champagne! It is such a happy and bubbly beverage. We had a wonderful party last weekend that called for lots of champagne! However, we wanted to glam our champagne and make it sparkle! So we did what everyone does and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. There were hundreds of photos and articles about SPARKLY CHAMPAGNE. Here is Maui Thing's take on how to make your boring champagne bottles sparkle!


  • Champagne
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold glitter (You can use any color)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper bag


  • Do this project at a place you don't mind having glitter linger for weeks after! Having a friend help is also a plus.
  • Peel off all labels on sides of bottles. Leave the top potion covering cork on!
  • Cover entire bottle (except top half) with gold spray paint. Make sure to do this over cardboard or something protective.

  • Spray bottle with adhesive.
  • Immediately put bottle into paper bag.
  • Begin to sprinkle with glitter...the more the better.
  • Grip the top of the bottle with paper bag and shake. There is no need to shake it excessively. 
  • Place bottle on side and spray another coat of the adhesive.
  • Let dry and then apply glitter to places that you may have missed.


  • We chilled the bottles in the refrigerator a couple hours prior to the party.
  • Thirty minutes before show time we filled a tin tub with ice and placed bottles inside.
  • The glitter held up really good in the ice

Our CHAMPAGNE GOLD was a hit! It was a great decoration to add to the party. We are still finding glitter everywhere!

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