Light Bulb Vases

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Lesley Cummings | 0 Comments

A couple weeks ago we needed some decorations for our tent at the Seabury Craft Fair. Like always we, cute, stylish, easy to transport and fun! We wanted to use flowers in some way. Then we thought it would be cute to put them in light bulbs! Sounded easy at the time, but this one turned out to be a little more difficult then we planned. I had no idea how many different types of light bulbs there were. It was a little overwhelming. We chose GE CRYSTAL CLEAR BULBS ($6 for three-pack). You can also use any old bulbs around your house. The ones we chose were definitely the most stylish and unique. Clear, round and sturdy. 

My light bulb knowledge is very minimum. I thought I could easily unscrew something and that would be it! Ha...oh that was definitely not the case! The next step requires gloves, eye protection and cutters! Please be careful when cutting the top of the lightbulbs. You need to trim the tops and take out the filament. Be patient..we definitely broke a couple:). 

Once this was complete we hot glued twine around the tops. Make it to your desired length. Let it dry and then fill your bulb with water and add your flower or plant of choice. We had lots of people asking to buy them at our event! They are now hanging in our beautiful store!



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