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CHEERS TO SIX YEARS! It is our anniversary next month, and we are so excited to celebrate! The Maui Thing Circus will take place on July 4 at Wailuku First Friday! The "to do list" is long, but we are slowly checking things off. The store is looking "circusy" as we begin to get in the mood. We made these amazing fabric flags and had to share with our Maui Thing 'ohana. 


  • String/rope
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Fabric


  1. Get some fun fabric! Look around your house. This is the perfect project to use whatever you may have laying around your house. Or else head to a fabric store and have some fun choosing out fabrics.
  2. Make a stencil with the shape you want to use for your flags. Big, small, you decide.                                                                                             
  3. Trace your stencil on the fabric. Make sure to trace on the back side of the material so the pencil mark does not show.
  4. Cut away. Decide what pattern you want your flag to be.
  5. Leave a good amount of string on the ends before gluing. Decide on your spacing and glue away. We glued each flag right next to each other.
  6. Hang away!


We think our flags are AWESOME! They add the perfect touch to our circus decor. We also plan on using them for parties and other Maui Thing events!


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