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‘ili scrub. It's our newest product that we're selling in the store and we are so so so excited to share it! It feels good, it smells good and it does wonders to your skin...all of it. It isn't a face scrub or a body scrub or a feed scrub...use it on all of the above! It tightens, brightens and softens. Best of all, its all natural and all Hawaii sourced.

You can find all the directions on how to use the scrub and a little background on why you should use it on the ‘ili scrub website by clicking here. We wanted to go a little deeper and meet the gal behind the product. Meet Aimee...

1. Talk about yourself a bit. Who you are, where you’re from, what you love... 

I am a yogini on the island of kauai. i own a yoga studio here in kapaa and adore the opportunity to be in service and provide the space for others to discover more of who they truly are, shed and let go of what tends to hold us back and support the process of health and self discovery.

2. Why did you start ‘ili scrub? And why coffee?

there are lots of scrubs out there and while doing some research i unraveled some ugly information on whats inside the mainstream market scrubs. tiny microbeads made of plastic that seep into our water ways and make their way into the bellies of harmless marine life. plastic is forever, once it washes down the drain is goes on to live a very long life of over 1,000 years .we use 100% organic essential oils, no perfumes and artificial fragrances found here.
and we at 'ili wanted to provide a scrub that used only biodegradable ingredients. being so close to our waters here in hawaii and honoring all that they provide us as conscious  entrepreneurs its up to us to develop sustainable, mindful, resourceful products.

3. Where is the coffee from?

all of our coffee is local and is a hawaiian blend.

4. What’s your hopes and dreams for the future of ‘ili scrub?

with the many distractions of today - being buried in our iphones and addicted to the social media updates we wanted to send and share a message of self care. taking a little extra time for ones self. self love and appreciation doesnt have to be an overt action, its in the little things. from a yogic background its customary to come to the mat clean. i saw a correlation between shedding old ideas and concepts, rigid places in our body to shedding old, dead skin.

5. What’s your “Maui Thing” 

hands down, hana.

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