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Our newest obsession...Zenziva scrubs! Here's a bit about the product and it's bright and beautiful founder, Andrea.
1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I moved to this beautiful island over four years ago and am originally from Texas:) My passion for natural healing and wellness inspired my journey to Maui. My A-MAZING & beautiful friends have kept me here with a big smile on my face:) I feel so fortunate to be one of the lucky ones that get to enjoy this island to the fullest! I am a beach girl and an ocean lover, nature explorer and luxury enthusiast! Creating and concocting organic beauty treatments is my passion! Making the products by hand is especially sacred and I consider it my art.
2. How did Zenziva start?

Since I was a child I always loved to "create" secret potions out of common ingredients found in my home. From mud masks to hair packs I loved experimenting with many different recipes and elements. Upon arriving to Maui, I discovered very pure essential oils that are so healing, nurturing and beneficial to the skin. This precious plant medicine re-ignited my zest for alchemy through DIY products. I started making my own lip balms, masks, moisturizers, and scrubs. My dear friends loved my creations so much, and experienced incredible healing results, so I started to bottle them up!
3. Where did the name Zenziva come from and what does it mean to you?

Ziva is sanskrit for BLISS. I absolutely adore the word bliss, it encompasses everything I am and hope to radiate into the world! Zen represents balance to me, it is a ying and yang symbol, in order to be in bliss one must be in balance. It is a beautiful daily reminder that breathing in balance and exhaling bliss keeps me focused on the good in my life and in a state of gratitude. 

4. Whats your favorite part about this business?

I am so lucky to be able to channel my creativity and passion through Zenziva. This company represents my healing journey to wellness, and I hope to inspire others on their journey as well! I love creating unique, valuable and artisinal products as they are discovered in my own life! Hearing the feed back from zenziva lovers who experience healing in their skin fills me up with love and joy! Creating products that people benefit from feels so rewarding and uplifting!
5. What’s your “Maui Thing”?

Maui Thing holds a special place in my heart, The women who work there represent and share the most beautiful Aloha! Ashley, Les, and Celina are by far the most loving and welcoming group of people I know! Just seeing their smiling faces in the store uplifts and inspires me to embody that love, that aloha! My Maui thing is most definitely the feeling and experience of aloha, I feel so fortunate that people on this island share this sacred way of living so lovingly and freely with all! Many Mahalos to Maui Thing for all you do for Maui's community and for small business like myself!



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