Bento Test #1

Posted on February 17, 2015 by Ashley Takitani | 0 Comments

Panda Bento
Tako Bento
Not sure how the bento light bulb went off in my head but once it did, I’ve been slightly obsessed. (We’ll see how long this hobby lasts.) I do know it started right after the ever so hectic holidays which, came right after several months of intense work in the office, which came right after stepping off of this really time consuming board. So after all the business of the board, work and holidays, I guess I felt a little antsy and thought “Sae, you’ve never ever made one of those super cute, time consuming and meticulous kiddy bentos… think you can do it?” I was being challenged by the noise in my head.  
So what you see is my first attempt of a fairly healthy finger food bento for kids. I made these for a friend’s, friend’s 2 year old. She thought that my kids were so lucky. In actuality my children never experienced this maternal side of me, it’s like it kicked in a decade late. (sorry kids!) 
These are FARRRRRR from bentos I searched online, including my friend in San Francisco who would do these amazing “themed” bentos for her 3 boys E-VER-Y-DAY. I thought she was crazy, but in a super awe-inspiring, I’m a terrible mom way.
Well better late than never. I am making bentos for my son’s baseball team this Saturday, less cute, more substance. If all goes well, look out for BENTO TEST #2.

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