50 things to do other than social media

Posted on February 18, 2015 by Ashley Takitani | 0 Comments

Being a young adult in today's world is weird, just weird. There are so many people, ideas, blogs, articles, beliefs pulling you in every direction possible. Gone are the simple days of right and wrong, black and white. Everyone and anyone is able to slap their beliefs or thoughts on social media and all of a sudden, it become factual information. Poor celebrities get bashed for every misspelled word, wrong hashtag or negative comment that they decided to express via the world of Twitter. People become unknowingly self-conscious, all-knowing and way too into everyone elses business!

Ironically, my BFF posted this on social media the other day and I thought it was fabulous and was a great reminder (I'll soon get into the good social media does;)

"We give too many people the power to lower our vibrations. Stand true to your own frequency."

She follows the post with the hashtag #hitthepositive (a term we coined in high school when people would get nuts.) 

On that note, lets "hit the positive"...social media has done wonders for small business, making it a viable option for anyone. It's opened the lines of communication like we never dreamed possible. I can keep in touch with friends around the globe and actually get a little peek into their lives even though we rarely see each other. It sparks inspiration and creativity while giving users complete control and fancy filters to create fabulously fun and artsy photography. It makes the world smaller, real-er (for lack of a more fitting word) and enables education and exposure to anything and everything you could imagine.

In the end, I've come to the very simple conclusion that I relay to every aspect in life - balance. You need to find balance in social media usage. To help you, we've come up with 50 things to do other than social media. So next time you instinctively open that Instagram app and get ready to scroll and double click, think again. Find balance in your online life and your real life. Choose to do one of these things instead!

1. Donate clothes. Surely we all have some clothes sitting in the back corner of our closets that we haven’t worn in ages!
2. Learn how to arm knit! Promise, its easier than it sounds. Here’s a how-to video: How to arm knit in 45 minutes
3. Teach your child how to bake. For an easy, yummy, chocolate trifle recipe, click here!
4. Dust those spiderwebs off your bike and go for a short ride.
5. Walk your dog. Or play fetch with him/her.
6. Read a magazine. A real one with real pages that you can flip through.
7. Take a nap.
8. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
9. Stretch.
10. Pluck your eyebrows. Haven’t done it in a while? Do it! It will make you feel rather accomplished :)
11. Indulge in a yummy dessert or ice cream.
12. Eat ice cream (our favorite is Roselani!)
13. Read a book. Again, a real one. With real pages.
14. Go see a movie.
15. Clean. You’ll be rewarded with a clean house, a happy family and you’ll feel very productive!
16. Sit outside for a bit and get some fresh air.
17. Go for a walk
18. Dust off your skateboard from college and see if you still got balance!
19. Organize your digital library of photos that you’ve been putting off!
20. Meditate.
21. Have a conversation, face to face over coffee or a cocktail
22. Print and organize photos
23. Send a card to your grandparent
24. Make smoked meat
25. Pickle vegetables
26. Learn a new recipe
27. Play the uke
28. Write a poem, or a rap
29. Learn to knit
30. Golf
31. Teach a child something you did when you were young-crotchet, cook, bake, play jacks, play cards
32. Start a new business in Wailuku Town
33. Volunteer!
34. Pull weeds
35. Spend time in nature-enjoy the fresh air, the foliage, the mountains
36. Start an herb garden
37. Share what you bought from Costco
38. Write a guest blog for Maui Thing and email it to us
39. Bake cookies and share with a neighbor
40. Go to the public library and explore interesting books
41. Arrange fresh flowers in your house and smile
42. Write down 5 things that you are grateful for
43. Go to the MACC and enjoy the Portrait Challenge Show at the Schaefer Gallery
44. Make a donation to the Maui Food Bank
45. Take a 7 day challenge to find 5 things in house each day to donate, share or eliminate
46. Make a little extra dinner and share with someone who is sick, lonely or going through a challenge
47. Look through your high school yearbook and laugh
48. Do a crossword puzzle or sudoko
49. Do 30 squats 
50. Reorganize your closet or pantry





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