erin smith's girls gone rockin'!

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Erin jamming at Mulligan's!

A sneak peak at the upcoming Maui Thing/Throwdowns co-branded apparel..

I'd always complain about not being able to wear heels on Maui. People tell you they're too dressy for most events. So I have all these cute shoes collecting dust on my shelf. Now, I wear a pair every Wednesday night! At Mulligan's on the Blue every Wednesday, Erin Smith rocks the house with her original, alternative local music. Just like our designs, Erin's music is inspired by all the good things the lovely island of Maui has to offer. Its rock/alternative music, but all about Maui. Not something you hear everyday here on the islands. Her song "Kihei Town" is one of my faves! Erin's good vibes, Maui Thing giveaways (enter to win a cute dress, or a couple pairs of earrings once a week!), and beauty tutorials make for a fun night out with the girlies. Throw in a 10 minute massage at Mulligan's and you got a perfect ending to your hump day. 9-11pm. $7 cover and drink ticket, guys get in FREE! Put on those cute shoes you forgot about, and I'll see you at Mulligan's!

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