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Check out the process of designing the winning table decoration for the Mayor's Small Business Awards Dinner! You can see the final product on display at the store. It's a fun project, make a recycled hanging lantern for yourself!

First off, you need good helpers. Fun ones that you don't mind spending a bunch of time with..its a tedious process.

We got a 1 inch whole puncher, punched out faces, images, colors, designs, textures...anything and everything! We even hand drew on some of them. Using Elmer's Glue, we glued the little circles into each and every little water bottle cover.

With a hot glue gun, we glued the caps in rows onto a paper lantern that I found at Ben Franklin for only $3!

This was the final product! The Maui Thing table at the Mayor's Small Business Awards Dinner! And we won :) We set the lanterns on glass vases filled with water bottle covers. Flashlights in the vases illuminated them, making it glow. We made little napkin holders with the water bottle covers too and each person at the table got a little discount coupon and a Maui Thing keychain!

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