thanksgiving curly turkeys

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One of our Second Saturday Art projects this month was the curly turkey! A fun and festive project for the little ones, it makes for great, homemade decorations for the upcoming holiday..

The necessary supplies are basic: yellow, red, orange, brown construction paper (we pre-cut them for the kids to make it easier for the younger ones), a recycled mini water bottle (or small plastic/paper cup), glue, and googly eyes.

Step 1: Curl the strips of paper by twirling it around your finger or a pen
Step 2: Glue your brown circle onto your yellow turkey body. Glue curly strips of paper onto the yellow turkey body for feathers
Step 3: Glue on your water bottle (or small plastic/paper cup)
Step 4: Give your turkey a face and wings

Lastly, glue the body onto the water bottle and add his little brown feet to the bottom of the bottle. Gobble gobble!

Along with the curly turkeys, the Second Saturday Art keiki crew also made their own Native American headbands.

And Thanksgiving cards with real Fall leaves from the mainland!

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