maui thing makeover: keeping karey kurrent

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Karey Oura-Kapoi, 37 year old mother and wife is not only a cute chick, she is also smart, personable and motivated. Tons of assets, so what's the problem? None really because she could give a rip about how she looks. She doesn't wear a bit of make-up, wears pants 2 sizes too big and styles herself with only the intent of covering her body because it's a legal necessity. Lucky girl, she can actually pull this off because of her naturally good looks. So you may ask "Why does Karey need a make-over, if she's fine with the way she looks?" Well because her mother said so. Yes we're doing this for Karey's mom, Karen who knows that Karey can do better and should present herself to her fullest potential. Thus "The KEEP KAREY KURRENT" project.

We believe that any make-over is about enhancing an individuals positive qualities inside and out. Not changing the person. So first we need to dig deep and find out what make's Karey tick. Here's her profile:

AGE: 37
STATUS: Married with son Ryder age, 4
WORK: Employee at Maui Memorial Medical Center, Owner of Island Soul Entertainment
LIKES: Softball, beer, good food, beer, good music, beer, family, beer, projects that don't make money and beer.
DISLIKES: Hardballs, incompetence, wasted time, laziness, nice shoes, her post baby physic
HOBBIES: Work, volunteering, projects that don't make money and beer.
LIFESTYLE: Overall Karey is an extremely active individual who is constantly challenging herself with ways to do better in the community and for the community. Besides her work she is a devoted mother, wife and daughter who tries to balance all of her successes while keeping family a priority. She does not have the time or desire to concentrate on her physical presentation. Low-maintenance, comfort and practicality are necessary functions for her lifestyle.

Overall haul Karey's style so that it speaks to her tomboy nature while at the same time representing her as a successful and motivated professional. Shift her busy lifestyle habits of junk food and token workouts to a daily regiment of healthier eating and consistent exercise.

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