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Deidre is seen walking all over Wailuku, and always in a cute outfit! Today I ran into her with a cute top paired with a pencil skirt, an adorable purse, and HEELS! Yes gals, she walks all over Wailuku in heels! Why? Because she says its a great workout for her calves :) Read on and Deidre will surely inspire you to choose to walk too!

Walker: Deidre Tegarden
Profession: Governor's Representative - Maui

Why do you walk?

It is healthy and it's a great way to see friends and find out what is happening in town. I always run into someone I know.

Where do you walk?
In Wailuku and in Kihei (with my husband and our dog)

How do you prepare for walking during your busy schedule?

By not bringing lunch to work. By the time 12 noon rolls around I am so hungry I have no choice but to walk to one of Wailuku's tasty restaurants - this stimulates the economy, too.

What's your favorite thing about walking?
Feeling the fresh air on my skin and seeing friends.

People wear heels to work and use that as their excuse for driving...what suggestions do you have for them?
Fiddle faddle. I walk in my heels all the time - it is great exercise for your calves.

Any other suggestions do you for people who want to make walking a part of their daily routine?
Bring a comfortable pair of shoes to work and leave them in your office so when the walking mood strikes, you can indulge.

What would make walking easier for you?
More sidewalks would be great, but having to negotiate the tough terrain on Vineyard Street is fun- you feel like an explorer.

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September 28, 2011

I don’t do it in heels, but I do love to walk! I wish my work was in a good location to walk to lunch. The one thing I do miss about living in Honolulu is walking from home to eat out or go shopping or to lunch in downtown. Since moving to Maui, my walking adventures are mainly on the walking paths in Wailea after work and on the weekends.

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