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Posted on December 12, 2011 by ashley | 1 Comment

I'm tired of good ol' wrapping Christmas wrapping paper. They all look the same, and no matter what you do, all your hard work of wrapping and tying bows gets lost in the clutter of gifts under the tree. Not to mention, wrapping paper is expensive and it gets torn apart and thrown away (not even recycled!) on Christmas morning!
So last year I wrapped with magazine pages which were free, cute and recycled (click here for last year's Christmas blog entries)! This year I decided to use some extra burlap that was lying around. After a few landscaping projects, I had some natural burlap left. It's not exactly a household material, but a large roll can be purchased at Lowe's for $10, or any other gardening store. Here's what you need:

It turned out to be easy and quick! All I needed was scissors and ribbon! No scotch tape necessary! Easy to open, your work won't be torn apart or lost in the clutter of cheesy Christmas wrapping. The recipient can reuse the material too! And they looked pretty cute...try it!

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December 14, 2011

Love! I’m using kraft paper this year, from the packing section of office max or you can reuse grocery bags. Having some natural materials mixed with all the glittery holiday stuff is always nice.

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