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I don’t know about you, but us wahines at Maui Thing drink a lot of water. Drinking a lot of water is a great thing, but it isn’t cheap. The price of water seems to be rising, just like the cost of Maui’s gas. Besides price, plastic is not entirely a wonderful thing in this world. Plastic decorates our highways and floats in our ocean. Oh, and lets not get started on the chemicals in plastic. So, to reduce costs, help the environment and our health, we have found our new favorite thing….GLASS JUGS! These jugs will never leave you thirsty. You can personalize them with stickers, refill them and never have to buy bottled water again! You can purchase your own glass jug at Alive & Well ($6.99) or order it online. Refills are cheap and available at any health food store. FYI!!! These things are glass, so handle with care!

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Marilyn Starrett
Marilyn Starrett

March 10, 2012

Great headline…

tamika recopuerto
tamika recopuerto

March 11, 2012

yeah ladies! many mahalos for the knowledge and good vibes always! and many mahalos to the shout out to alive and well. now we know where we can find good glass bottles! little changes makes a huge difference if we all participate! go maui go!

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