the perfect sandwich

Posted on April 11, 2012 by ashley | 0 Comments

Call it an addiction. Call it comfort food. I call it the best sandwich on Maui. You may think, "What's so special about Tiffany's Spam and fried egg sandwich?" I tell you, perfection is not that simple. It takes patience, understanding and experience. The type of bread you select, the amount of butter on the grilled bread, just the right amount of mayo... not to mention the right length of time to fry the egg. Tiffany's fried egg is just slightly raw so there's just enough silkiness to the yolk yet cooked just enough so that the yolk doesn't ooze and make the grilled bread soggy. Another fine detail is Spam width. The proportion from Spam to egg to bread is critical and if you cut the Spam too wide or too thin it's all over. It's a delicate balance of firm meat like substance, followed by the tender egg white, finished with a buttery crunchy toast. Perfection.

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