request (not requests!) music record store day! 4.21.12

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We live in a digital world, where some of life’s simple treasures are disappearing. I still love holding a newspaper in my hand every morning. I love turning the pages of books I am reading. There are certain things that I won’t give up, and buying CDs are one of them. Request Music is Maui’s only record store. For those of us who know and love music, it is our sanctuary. Hundreds of CDs and records line the floors and walls of one of the coolest places on Maui. A person could spend all day in this store, marveling at all the unique and random things inside. From Bob Marley posters to mangoes, this place has it all. Oh, and the guys who work here are pretty much a walking encyclopedia for music. On Saturday, April 21, Request is celebrating Record Store Day with live music, giveaways and tons more! If you love music and fun, it is pretty much the place to be. Mahalo Request for providing Maui with music and reminding us of the beauty in life’s simple treasures!

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