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You know how every once in a while, you buy a product and instantly become a walking advertisement for the product? Yeah, this recently happened to me with the Sephora Eyelash Curler.
A little background on the issue…I've used the same Shu Uemura curler for years. I know you're supposed to switch out makeup products rather often, but I don't. Partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because the Shu Uemura curler was nowhere to be found! After looking and asking around, I found out that it was rarely sold in the states anymore. The only way to get it was online, and I wasn't about to pay shipping to Hawaii, we all know that costs and arm and a leg…and sometimes another leg. So I used the curler much longer than I should've.
Until one day I strolled into the Sephora store in Ala Moana. On a mission to buy my mom a gift, I struck up a conversation with a sweet employee, who also just happened to be a spectacular salesperson:) Somehow we got on the subject of eyelashes, and I explained to her my curler dilemma. She excitedly immediately told me about the Sephora curlers, which were modeled after the Shu Uemura ones (since they were obviously a stellar product)! The rest is obvious…I bought it, use it every day and I'm more than satisfied! Not to mention its a bit cheaper and there were no added shipping costs!
Oh, and best of all, they come in these rad colors!

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