driftwood necklace holder

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the shoreline of my favorite beach is decorated with driftwood. Each piece is unique, with a story behind its journey to shore. There are many things you can do with this free and resourceful piece of material. I have necklaces lying around my room waiting to be untangled and displayed. This was the perfect little project!

• driftwood
• hooks
• rope
• nail

1. Space out your hooks along the driftwood. Mark it with a pencil. Leave 1 ½ inches empty at the end of each side.
2. Slowly screw the hooks into the driftwood. Driftwood can be fragile, so take your time.

3. Make sure the hooks are secure and facing upright.

4. Cut your desired length of rope for hanging. Tie the rope at the end of each side in a knot.
5. Hammer in your nail, hang rope and then hang jewelry.
6. Stand back and admire your work!!!

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