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Batman & Robin. Lewis & Clark. Sonny & Cher. There are certain names that cannot be mentioned without the other. It is a partnership between two individuals that have created something bigger than themselves. Alexander & Baldwin is a famous name here in Hawai'i, especially in Maui where the 142-year-old company began. So who are Samuel Thomas Alexander and Henry Perrine Baldwin? I attended Baldwin High School and I didn't really have an answer for this. After "googling" for a couple days, I began to learn about the two men who turned 12 acres of land into 88,000.

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The sons of pioneer missionaries, the two met in 1843 in beautiful Lahaina, Maui. They became each others yin and yang. Alexander was described as the "idea man," while Baldwin was the "executor." Alexander became a manager of Waihe'e sugar plantation, and brought his pal along with him. In 1869, they purchased 12 acres in Makawao followed by an additional 559 acres the next year. They decided to plant sugar cane, and the rest is history.

They designed an irrigation system (Hamakua Ditch Project, aka East Maui Irrigation Company), became agents of plantations, and acquired Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company and Kahului Railroad. Each project became centered on land and water resources, which has been the foundation of the company's success.

Their history is what made them, but it is their commitment to community that makes them standout. The A&B logo is pictured on most event flyers posted on our counter. Scroll over to the Alexander & Baldwin Foundation, and you will find hundreds of schools and organizations that have received contributions. From PBS Guam to Keanae Congregational Church, their giving is on a larger scale than I even imagined. Hawaii Business magazine listed them on their Top 10 Most Charitable Companies in 2012.

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We are very humbled to have Alexander & Baldwin be a sponsor for our upcoming anniversary in July. Their dedication and commitment to local businesses and the Maui community is evident in their understanding of corporate responsibility.

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