annual xmas wrapping idea - black!

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Ashley Takitani | 0 Comments

I've always loved wrapping presents during the holidays. Its about as important to me as decorating a Christmas tree, baking some festive desserts, playing the Nsync "Home for Christmas" album or drinking a gingerbread martini (Outback Steakhouse has a surprisingly delicious one;). The only issue is, Christmas wrapping is expensive! And I need a lot of it! So every year I try to find a way around this (to see past year's wrapping ideas, click here, here and here). I try to use something laying around the house. This year, I used black construction paper! If you're like me, you buy your paper in assorted color packs and use everything but the black! So I decided to try to make black festive. All you need is black paper, sparkly DecoColor pens and some ribbon! Create your own designs and personalize your wrapping paper!

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xmas jarring

Posted on December 06, 2012 by ashley | 0 Comments

Can't believe its already the holidays! Here's this year's gift wrapping idea: jars! Its easy, cute and reuseable! Have fun with it and add ribbons, raffia, stickers, paint, anything! So after you get those great gifts from Maui Thing, throw them in a cute jar and put it under the tree ;) Simple, affordable, and sustainable!
You can get jars anywhere! They're sold at Wal-Mart, Longs Drugs and everywhere online!
Need some other fun and sustainable wrapping ideas? Check out our Christmas wrapping posts from the past few years here and here.

Want to get this tank for a gift? Buy it online here.

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