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We all love Pinterest! It is a great place to get inspired. But, lets be honest...sometimes the DIY thing is not that easy. There is much more behind the "beautiful pictures" and "easy step-by-step tutorials." We decided to make a dream catcher for our Valentine's Day window. The great thing about it was we used everything we already had at the store! That always make things easier and affordable. DIY and creativity allows you to learn along the way and you can create your own, unique thing. So here is what we did on a Monday afternoon. Maybe it will inspire you to try it too.

What we used:

  • Hula Hoop
  • Old t-shirts (lacy and silk)
  • Wire (easily be molded)
  • Fishing line
  • Pink yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fake flowers

1. We started off with our big hula hoop! We cut up a cute, old lacy shirt and glued it around the hoop.

2. Then the hard part. I will be honest this took us a couple times to figure out. We molded our metal wire into a heart. This is going to be tricky, but don't get frustrated. You will definitely need some help from a friend. We intertwined the two ends in the middle.

3. Find the perfect spot in the middle of your hoop. Secure a couple sections with the fishing line. We chose the middle and bottom of the heart. Then secured two sides.

4. Time for some yarn! This is the longest part and requires patience. Again, this took us a couple attempts to figure the best way to execute this. We found out tying them individually around the hoop works best! So cut a bunch and get tying. (**Tying the yarn moves the wire heart. Be mindful of tying too loose or too tight)

5. There are going to be some areas (the top of the heart) that will need to glued in place. The more secure the better.

6. Grab your old shirts and get cutting. This will be the hanging party of your dreamcatcher. We made our outside short and went larger toward the middle. Get creative and make the bottom fun!




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color me REBEL

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As young girls we would rummage through mom's stuff and grab one thing....LIPSTICK. There is something fun and empowering about wearing lipstick. On most days there is nothing on my lips but chapstick. However, my recent BEYONCE obsession has made me color my lips a lot more. Dark lips are in. Most celebrities these days are rocking the "sexy goth" lips. I have to admit I feel a little different after I apply my MAC "REBEL" lipstick ($16). I feel confident, sexy and fun....I think all women should feel that way. 

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spring 2014: color report

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There are still four months left in 2013, but that doesn’t stop the fashion gods from dictating what color is going to rule in Spring 2014. Say aloha to DAZZLING BLUE, the hue that will reign at the top of Pantone’s list. For most of us this news is hardly relevant, but in the fashion world people are celebrating and rejoicing in this announcement. This blue reminds us of the ocean that surrounds these islands. It also reminds us of Facebook and Citibank. Whatever your connection or opinion on this color, you will definitely begin to see a lot more of it. Spring 2014 colors range from bold to neutral. Sand and Paloma both have a soft and neutral tone that men and women can relate to. We look forward to having these Spring colors decorate our store soon!

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