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We all love Pinterest! It is a great place to get inspired. But, lets be honest...sometimes the DIY thing is not that easy. There is much more behind the "beautiful pictures" and "easy step-by-step tutorials." We decided to make a dream catcher for our Valentine's Day window. The great thing about it was we used everything we already had at the store! That always make things easier and affordable. DIY and creativity allows you to learn along the way and you can create your own, unique thing. So here is what we did on a Monday afternoon. Maybe it will inspire you to try it too.

What we used:

  • Hula Hoop
  • Old t-shirts (lacy and silk)
  • Wire (easily be molded)
  • Fishing line
  • Pink yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fake flowers

1. We started off with our big hula hoop! We cut up a cute, old lacy shirt and glued it around the hoop.

2. Then the hard part. I will be honest this took us a couple times to figure out. We molded our metal wire into a heart. This is going to be tricky, but don't get frustrated. You will definitely need some help from a friend. We intertwined the two ends in the middle.

3. Find the perfect spot in the middle of your hoop. Secure a couple sections with the fishing line. We chose the middle and bottom of the heart. Then secured two sides.

4. Time for some yarn! This is the longest part and requires patience. Again, this took us a couple attempts to figure the best way to execute this. We found out tying them individually around the hoop works best! So cut a bunch and get tying. (**Tying the yarn moves the wire heart. Be mindful of tying too loose or too tight)

5. There are going to be some areas (the top of the heart) that will need to glued in place. The more secure the better.

6. Grab your old shirts and get cutting. This will be the hanging party of your dreamcatcher. We made our outside short and went larger toward the middle. Get creative and make the bottom fun!




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Christmas Art Activites for the Keiki!

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Here's a sneak peek at our art activities we have planned for Second Saturday Art tomorrow morning! We'll be making candy cane mice and Christmas trees!

Here's what you need:


First the candy cane mouse! 

1. Cut out green felt in a water drop shape. Note to cut 2 slits for the ears to fit through. 

2. Cut out red felt for ears and a little nose.

3. Glue eyes and nose on. Pull ears through the slit.

4. Push the candy cane through the loop the ears made on the bottom of the mouse. See photo below.


Second, the Christmas Tree! It can be a fun photo frame or an ornament! 

This one's really easy...

1. Cut out 3 strips of poster board or construction paper. 2 a little longer (about 6"), one shorter (about 5") for the bottom of the triangle.

2. Cut out a brown stump.

3. Glue the corners together and add the stump! We used a glue stick.

4. You can either cut out a star or use these little stars we found in our crafts bin :)

5. Decorate with sequins, polka-dots, anything you want. For these, we used tacky glue.

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DIY hangers!

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Want to spruce up your closet a bit? Or maybe make an affordable, cute Christmas gift for your girlfriends? Here's a great DIY we're doing in our store! 


All you need are wooden hangers, paint (I used acrylic), a paintbrush and masking tape! (and alcohol and Q-tips if you're anal with these kinds of projects like I am ;)


First you mask. Tape off the areas you DON'T want painted. I don't suggest doing it freehand, masking may take longer, but it's the only way to make straight lines!

Next, paint! 

Once your paint is dry, take off the tape and fix your lines with your Q-tip, if necessary. Continue the taping and painting process till you love the look of your hanger! 


 Enjoy your cute hangers!!!

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fabric flags

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CHEERS TO SIX YEARS! It is our anniversary next month, and we are so excited to celebrate! The Maui Thing Circus will take place on July 4 at Wailuku First Friday! The "to do list" is long, but we are slowly checking things off. The store is looking "circusy" as we begin to get in the mood. We made these amazing fabric flags and had to share with our Maui Thing 'ohana. 


  • String/rope
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Fabric


  1. Get some fun fabric! Look around your house. This is the perfect project to use whatever you may have laying around your house. Or else head to a fabric store and have some fun choosing out fabrics.
  2. Make a stencil with the shape you want to use for your flags. Big, small, you decide.                                                                                             
  3. Trace your stencil on the fabric. Make sure to trace on the back side of the material so the pencil mark does not show.
  4. Cut away. Decide what pattern you want your flag to be.
  5. Leave a good amount of string on the ends before gluing. Decide on your spacing and glue away. We glued each flag right next to each other.
  6. Hang away!


We think our flags are AWESOME! They add the perfect touch to our circus decor. We also plan on using them for parties and other Maui Thing events!


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Light Bulb Vases

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A couple weeks ago we needed some decorations for our tent at the Seabury Craft Fair. Like always we, cute, stylish, easy to transport and fun! We wanted to use flowers in some way. Then we thought it would be cute to put them in light bulbs! Sounded easy at the time, but this one turned out to be a little more difficult then we planned. I had no idea how many different types of light bulbs there were. It was a little overwhelming. We chose GE CRYSTAL CLEAR BULBS ($6 for three-pack). You can also use any old bulbs around your house. The ones we chose were definitely the most stylish and unique. Clear, round and sturdy. 

My light bulb knowledge is very minimum. I thought I could easily unscrew something and that would be it! Ha...oh that was definitely not the case! The next step requires gloves, eye protection and cutters! Please be careful when cutting the top of the lightbulbs. You need to trim the tops and take out the filament. Be patient..we definitely broke a couple:). 

Once this was complete we hot glued twine around the tops. Make it to your desired length. Let it dry and then fill your bulb with water and add your flower or plant of choice. We had lots of people asking to buy them at our event! They are now hanging in our beautiful store!



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party banner

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We did a lot of DIY for our party a couple weeks ago. It was cheaper and definitely cuter! If you have an upcoming graduation, bachelorette or birthday party this blog is perfect to get your creative juices flowing. Every party needs signage, whether it is a name or a decorative sign for the food and bar area. We made a simple sign that bedazzled throughout the night using the same supplies from our champagne bottles!


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors/ Pencil
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold glitter
  • String
  • Glue gun

1. Write out your sign on cardboard using block lettering.

2. Cut out letters and lay over newspaper.

3. Spray paint the letters  (We used gold, but there are so many options).

4. Go glitter CRAZY! Again, make sure to do this in an area that can get messy.

5. Spray the adhesive over the letters. Let dry

6. Touch ups are usually needed.

7.Get your string and space out the letters prior to gluing. Allow for a good amount of extra string at both ends.

8. Glue and hang!


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champagne gold

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We LOVE champagne! It is such a happy and bubbly beverage. We had a wonderful party last weekend that called for lots of champagne! However, we wanted to glam our champagne and make it sparkle! So we did what everyone does and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. There were hundreds of photos and articles about SPARKLY CHAMPAGNE. Here is Maui Thing's take on how to make your boring champagne bottles sparkle!


  • Champagne
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold glitter (You can use any color)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper bag


  • Do this project at a place you don't mind having glitter linger for weeks after! Having a friend help is also a plus.
  • Peel off all labels on sides of bottles. Leave the top potion covering cork on!
  • Cover entire bottle (except top half) with gold spray paint. Make sure to do this over cardboard or something protective.

  • Spray bottle with adhesive.
  • Immediately put bottle into paper bag.
  • Begin to sprinkle with glitter...the more the better.
  • Grip the top of the bottle with paper bag and shake. There is no need to shake it excessively. 
  • Place bottle on side and spray another coat of the adhesive.
  • Let dry and then apply glitter to places that you may have missed.


  • We chilled the bottles in the refrigerator a couple hours prior to the party.
  • Thirty minutes before show time we filled a tin tub with ice and placed bottles inside.
  • The glitter held up really good in the ice

Our CHAMPAGNE GOLD was a hit! It was a great decoration to add to the party. We are still finding glitter everywhere!

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