New Furry Little Friends

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I will be the first to admit that I don't get STUFFED ANIMALS. I never was a fan....they get dirty and they don't really do anything. I promise I am not heartless... So when Ashley got really excited about a box this week I couldn't wait to open it with her. Then there they were..."Bauer Bear, Bevin Bunny, Carly Cat, Duffy Dog, Genna Giraffe and Mocha Monkey." All fury and stuffed, just staring at me. Ashley's joy couldn't be contained. I couldn't tell if she was kidding or serious about starting a "Save The Teddy Bear" Campaign. 

Soon after a trio of little kids came in and instantly gravitated toward the animals. Their faces filled with smiles, while their parents had that, "Oh no, not more stuffed animals" face. It was then that I realized the real joy of stuffed animals. They are memories. At some point or another we were given an animal by a grandparent or an aunty. At birth, babies are given their first toy which they eventually take to pre-school. They provide comfort in this sometimes scary and confusing world. I guess you could say I had an "AHHH-HAAA" moment.

I have made my peace with stuffed animals. Although I don't share the same enthusiasm as Ashley (which I am convinced she has stuffed animals piled on her bed), I am excited we have a new product in our store that can provide a new memory for someone. If those memories make people smile, then that is all that matters.

Need a gift for a cute keiki? Come in and check out these new stuffed animals from The Manhattan Toy Company.


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A couple months ago Celina went into our back storage room and took out our dusty, little chalkboard. She grabbed the Second Saturday Art chalk and wrote a little something on it. I can't remember what she wrote or why she wrote it, but what I do know is our "MAUI THING CHALKBOARD" has become much more than I ever imagined. 

Everyday we come into work we have a routine...turn on the lights, open the register, roll up the curtains. It is all pretty simple...The hardest job is deciding what to write on our chalkboard. Since that day, it has become a fixture on our Wailuku Town sidewalk. Iao schools students on their way home stop and read it. Lawyers in suits and ties have smiled as they headed to the courthouse. Tourists from Japan have taken photos standing next to it. Our chalkboard doesn't need to fit a certain size shirt or be a certain color, everyone can use it.

Each day someone new would come in and tell us how great our chalkboard was. Some even expressed how it changed their day or a situation. The regular passer-by would tell us how they look forward to turning the corner on Main Street to see what would be up that day. The pressure began to set in. It was like we were Guy Hagi, with everyone relying on us...

From serious to funny, our chalkboard is filled with quotes and messages that we can all relate to. We look up quotes and sometimes we make up our own. There are times where the quotes are mostly for something personal in our lives.

Usually our chalkboard is positioned outside our store. However, recent winds have battered our poor chalkboard...she is kind of falling apart. It is now displayed in our window until we can make a new one. 

A little goes a long way and we couldn't be happier with the response of our chalkboard. We hope to constantly inspire people and spread good things.




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champagne gold

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We LOVE champagne! It is such a happy and bubbly beverage. We had a wonderful party last weekend that called for lots of champagne! However, we wanted to glam our champagne and make it sparkle! So we did what everyone does and headed to Pinterest for some inspiration. There were hundreds of photos and articles about SPARKLY CHAMPAGNE. Here is Maui Thing's take on how to make your boring champagne bottles sparkle!


  • Champagne
  • Gold spray paint
  • Spray adhesive
  • Gold glitter (You can use any color)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper bag


  • Do this project at a place you don't mind having glitter linger for weeks after! Having a friend help is also a plus.
  • Peel off all labels on sides of bottles. Leave the top potion covering cork on!
  • Cover entire bottle (except top half) with gold spray paint. Make sure to do this over cardboard or something protective.

  • Spray bottle with adhesive.
  • Immediately put bottle into paper bag.
  • Begin to sprinkle with glitter...the more the better.
  • Grip the top of the bottle with paper bag and shake. There is no need to shake it excessively. 
  • Place bottle on side and spray another coat of the adhesive.
  • Let dry and then apply glitter to places that you may have missed.


  • We chilled the bottles in the refrigerator a couple hours prior to the party.
  • Thirty minutes before show time we filled a tin tub with ice and placed bottles inside.
  • The glitter held up really good in the ice

Our CHAMPAGNE GOLD was a hit! It was a great decoration to add to the party. We are still finding glitter everywhere!

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April First Friday

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Yes, No, Maybe

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We all love things that make our lives easier. When it comes to shopping, the easier the better. I would say 95% of people who enter our fitting rooms give me the "AHHHH THANK YOU" expression. Some are dramatic and I get the feeling I just saved their life. Nestled above three tiny hooks are the three simple words...YES, NO, MAYBE. Oh yes, trying on clothes just got so much easier. No more stuffing all your clothes on one rack or forgetting which size was a YES. We believe the dressing room law should require this, but until then we will be grateful for our yes, no, maybe:)

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spring is on its way

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Although we don't have four seasons in Hawaii, we like to pretend we do. With spring approaching we decided to do a little decorating. Something simple, cheap, easy and stylish. It is the perfect DIY for your home, bedroom, classroom or office space. 

All you need is...

  • fake flowers
  • sugi (fishing wire) or string. The more transparent the better.
  • hot glue gun


  • Cut fake flowers 
  • Decide how long you want to hang them. Layout on floor.
  • Glue flowers on string
  • Hang
  • Smile
happy spring from maui thing

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spring 2014: color report

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There are still four months left in 2013, but that doesn’t stop the fashion gods from dictating what color is going to rule in Spring 2014. Say aloha to DAZZLING BLUE, the hue that will reign at the top of Pantone’s list. For most of us this news is hardly relevant, but in the fashion world people are celebrating and rejoicing in this announcement. This blue reminds us of the ocean that surrounds these islands. It also reminds us of Facebook and Citibank. Whatever your connection or opinion on this color, you will definitely begin to see a lot more of it. Spring 2014 colors range from bold to neutral. Sand and Paloma both have a soft and neutral tone that men and women can relate to. We look forward to having these Spring colors decorate our store soon!

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