V-DAY gifts where size doesn't matter

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Guessing a woman's size is not an easy thing for men and women themselves to do. First, there are the many different styles and cuts of clothing..spandex, rayon, tight on the hips, loose on the top...the list goes on. Then there is the "I don't want to offend them" idea by getting something too big. Here are some gifts where size doesn't matter!


Gold?Silver?Dangly? Go check out her jewelry collection to gain some insights on her taste. This will make the selection process easier! We have lots of earrings in stock for Valentine's Day. Prices range from $20 to $32.



Women love bags, especially clutches. We are always trying to find the "perfect bag" for our goodies....makeup, hair, toothbrush, you name it we are looking for something to put it in. We are stocked with the perfect clutches from our favorite LIL COCONUT HAWAII. Locally designed by one of our favorite Maui Girls, these clutches are a popular item these days. They are $30 and the perfect love day gift for your significant other, friend, sister or yourself! (Photos courtesy of Lil Coconut Hawaii).

(Photo Courtesy: Lil Coconut Hawaii)              
Want to get her something cute to hold her credit cards, business cards or money? Check out these cute holders from BOX ELEVEN!  Made from leather, these holders are perfect for the fashionistas and are only $22! 



 Hope this gives you some ideas since Valentine's Day is 3 days away! Happy Shopping!







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kimie miner

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One of our Hawaii faves :) Kimie Miner is a truly talented, beautiful, fun-loving local girl. She's everything a Hawaiian artist should be. Check out her newest video...its amazing!

Thanks for stopping by our store for a few songs, Kimie!

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