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na na na na na na na na NATIVE! It is the jingle heard in doctor’s offices, on construction sites, and at backyard barbeques. Native 92.5FM calls itself “Maui’s Island Music Station,” and we agree! From the music of legendary Bob Marley to the Maui boys of Maoli, they know good music and the importance of it.

We all know the impact of music. One song can change your day. It can make the long car ride to Haleakala much more enjoyable. Native 92.5 truly understands why they exist. They know they have an obligation to listeners not only on Maui, but also around the world. Their live streaming allows homesick college students or former Maui residents a chance to have a little bit of the islands with them.

To most of us, being a radio disc jockey seems incredibly fun, but it also must be quite challenging. It isn’t easy talking to yourself in a small room for hours on end. KawikaVeeka, Ms. Loke, Chisa, Dane Patao and Damien Awai do a great job entertaining us everyday. You may not now what they look like, but you know what they sound like. They are like the “Incredible Oz.”

Native 92.5 really emphasizes their love for the Maui community. Besides music, they provide us with news and information to better our day and keep us all in the loop. From weather forecasts to the latest Cosmo survey on relationships, Native keeps their listeners informed.

We are very thankful to the Native 92.5 ohana for supporting our upcoming birthday celebration. The radio ads are intense and give us major anxiety every time we hear them because we are so excited to let our big secret out! “YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED, TRUST US” echoes in our heads every night before we go to sleep. The countdown to the big bash is a few days away and we are so fortunate to partner with Native 92.5. Thank you Native for helping us get the word out about our five-year birthday party! Contrary to recent studies about viral video and social media taking over advertising…Native 92.5 is definitely the way to go if you want Mauians to get excited about something!

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