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There is something so cool and enchanting about the name Pashey Bella. When you say it out loud or read it, you envision some unique story behind the name. Try this story....Pashey Bella was a Hungarian Gypsy who was different then most in her clan. Instead of stealing and being the typical "gypsy", she was kind and gracious. The name is perfect for Talia and Tehani Gangini, who are the great-granddaughters of Pashey Bella.

The jewelry line of Pashey Bella began in 2005. In 2007, the sisters learned how to make bikinis and launched their custom swimwear line. The jewelry and swimwear line was created out of the sisters own passion and need for bikinis and jewelry. If they aren't making jewelry or swimsuits, you are most likely to find the two in the water. The water is what inspires them.   


Pashey Bella swimwear is made of Nylon Spandex. All their jewelry is handmade using 14KT gold-filled, sterling silver and semi precious stones. Their latest collection, Jeweled Gypsy, is filled with lots of gold, pyrite stone, labadorite and crystal quarts. 

If the name doesn't intrigue you, then their swimwear and jewelry will! We are excited to have a trunk show with the women of Pashey Bella during February's First Friday. Perfect time to get any Valentine's Day gifts or just a gift for yourself!

Pashey Bella's favorite Maui Thing: 

"Our favorite Maui Thing would be the whole surf lifestyle. Surfing spots that no one thinks is even ridable. Paddling around the island to places you can only get by boat."

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