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I know it's a cliché, but she really is beautiful inside and out. Kimie was actually the first artist to play for Maui Thing ever, being featured at our launch party around six years ago, then again at the Maui Thing stage at First Friday two years ago. She played at the Maui Thing store last night for her hardcore Maui fans launching her new album, "To the Sea." Let me premise this review with my background in music and formal training. I played piano for 3 years, violin for 1 year and french horn for about 5 years. Yes I was a band geek, whatevers. But, I also had a collection of journey albums, stuff from the 80's like "Men at Work" and "The Barkays." I was also the only girl from my gang to make mixed tapes. So I'm not a hardcore aficionado like Brendan at Request Music, nor I am I like my husband Ken who had only one tape in his brown Civic in high school, "Legend."

Kimie continues to write soulful melodies that make me want to lay out in the sun, contemplate life and dump my boyfriend. The more I listen to her songs, the more I feel I know her…with glimpses of lyrical emotion and rhythmic oohs. The tunes I'm most drawn to have an obvious angst and longing like "Is this love." Her honesty continues to come through in her soulful voice and her island inspired sound. Kimie is addicting. I asked my kids (9 and 7 years) if they wanted to go to their school's Art Night or listen to Kimie. Without a doubt it was Kimie. When taking them to school this morning while listening to Kimie's new album I did my normal dutiful parenting thing… asking them questions and engaging them in thoughtful conversation. The question that I had for them this morning was "Do you think Kimie could compete in THE VOICE?" My children respond with a confident and very affirmative "Yes!" as if they were the ones pressing the big red button and spinning their chair around. Then my daughter continued to ask, "What team would she be on? Adam's?"

All I know is that I am on Team Kimie and if you ever get a chance to listen to her live, don't miss it. For all you Mauians that missed her at our store last night, she'll be playing tonight at Stella Blue's...for details on how to buy tickets, click here.

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kimie miner

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One of our Hawaii faves :) Kimie Miner is a truly talented, beautiful, fun-loving local girl. She's everything a Hawaiian artist should be. Check out her newest video...its amazing!

Thanks for stopping by our store for a few songs, Kimie!

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