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We love local businesses, especially when they are owned by one of our best friends! Liquid Lingerie is a new swimsuit business created by Maui native Shauna Norris. This local girl is hardworking. Besides being a mommy and launching a brand new website, GO LOCAL HAWAII, she turned her passion for the water into fashion!
We are so proud of her and we are excited to be carrying Liquid Lingerie at Maui Thing.

Q&A with Shauna

1. Why did you start a bathing suit company?
Surfing is my passion. I love the water and always dreamed of owning my own bikini line since high school. So it was basically just a goal of mine to do since I was younger and started it for fun partly to say I did it, but mostly I'm doing it for my kids so I can have more time to spend with them.

2. What's the story behind the name "Liquid Lingerie?"
The name was actually created before the suits in high school. I loved the name so much that it made me want to create swimsuits even more. Swimsuits are pretty much like lingerie for the water, so thats where the concept of the name came from. Lingerie is intimate and what you may share with your significant other. Liquid Lingerie is for the love of water.

3. What makes your suits different than other brands?
We add a touch of lace to our suits as a signature for Liquid Lingerie.

4. Describe your suits in three adjectives?
Fun, Sexy, Pretty

5. What's the story behind the names of the suits?
Each suit is named after something that has a relationship with water. Hence the slogan "for the love of water."
Hinalea-type of fish

6. What inspires you?
My kids, surfing and other creative people.

7. Why do you think girls are obsessed with bathing suits?
I think you can never have enough swimsuits, they never go out of style. And nowadays it's more available and better designed to flatter any figure.

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