mango ice cream bowls

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My grandma has THE BEST mango tree on Earth. No, that was not a superlative, or an exaggeration at all. I really, truly mean that. In the middle of Kahului, is a little piece of heaven. She has one Hayden tree and one Mapulehu mango tree in her massive backyard, behind my grandpa's old putting green. The Mapulehu is my can tell the difference because the Mapulehu isn't as round as the rest, it has a distinctive point on its bottom. These mangoes aren't stringy, they're a deep orange, not that yellowish hue like most mangoes. They're juicy to the max, it's flesh almost melting in your mouth. And when refrigerated, they're the most refreshing, healthiest snack you could ever imagine.

To make this magical fruit even better, Grandma turns her mangoes into ice cream bowls! Genius!!! She's been making these for me since I was a little girl, and they're still my favorite dessert ever. It's the easiest, yummiest thing ever...please try this at home!
1. Cut the mango in half horizontally.

2. Take out the seed and you're done! You have 2 mango bowls! Scoop in some ice cream (vanilla is the best) and enjoy for dessert!

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