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We love local businesses, especially when they are owned by one of our best friends! Liquid Lingerie is a new swimsuit business created by Maui native Shauna Norris. This local girl is hardworking. Besides being a mommy and launching a brand new website, GO LOCAL HAWAII, she turned her passion for the water into fashion!
We are so proud of her and we are excited to be carrying Liquid Lingerie at Maui Thing.

Q&A with Shauna

1. Why did you start a bathing suit company?
Surfing is my passion. I love the water and always dreamed of owning my own bikini line since high school. So it was basically just a goal of mine to do since I was younger and started it for fun partly to say I did it, but mostly I'm doing it for my kids so I can have more time to spend with them.

2. What's the story behind the name "Liquid Lingerie?"
The name was actually created before the suits in high school. I loved the name so much that it made me want to create swimsuits even more. Swimsuits are pretty much like lingerie for the water, so thats where the concept of the name came from. Lingerie is intimate and what you may share with your significant other. Liquid Lingerie is for the love of water.

3. What makes your suits different than other brands?
We add a touch of lace to our suits as a signature for Liquid Lingerie.

4. Describe your suits in three adjectives?
Fun, Sexy, Pretty

5. What's the story behind the names of the suits?
Each suit is named after something that has a relationship with water. Hence the slogan "for the love of water."
Hinalea-type of fish

6. What inspires you?
My kids, surfing and other creative people.

7. Why do you think girls are obsessed with bathing suits?
I think you can never have enough swimsuits, they never go out of style. And nowadays it's more available and better designed to flatter any figure.

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summer essentials

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1. UA MAU TANK ($28)- Best-seller. Loose, comfy and cute. Hawai’i state motto. Perfect for the beach or a girls night out.
2. MAUI TRUCKER ($20)- Most popular. If you don’t have one, you need one. You can never have too many hats.
3. MAUI GIRL BAG($20)- Most useful. Perfect for any girl living out of their car.
4. HANU HAWAII BIKINI ($25)- Least amount of material. Locally made. Cutest designs. Perfect bikini bottoms for summer.

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ALOHA HAWAIIAN COCONUT VODKA! Where have you been hiding all our lives? When we find something amazing, we love to share! The COCO-JITO is everything we love in a mixed drink…refreshing, light, fruity and stylish! We highly suggest drinking these out of a mason jar. They look better, taste better and it is easier to distinguish your glass among a bunch of red cups.

• Hawaiian Coconut Flavored Vodka
• Santa Cruz Organic Strawberry Lemonade (You can experiment with all types of juices. Ginger and peach lemonade are also a good choice)
• Blueberries
• Mint
• Ice
• Mason jar

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maui bucket list #1: maui kombucha

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There are many amazing things on Maui that us locals have never done. Tourists even seem to cram more 'MAUI TO-DOs" in a week than I have done in my lifetime. So, my girlfriends and I developed a "MAUI BUCKET LIST." It includes places, activities and all sorts of things we still have not experienced on this island we call home. We decided it was time to start checking some things off. So this past Saturday we ventured out of the Waiside and headed for the country. We rarely go to Haiku. We had to rely on Google maps to get us to our final destination, MAUI KOMBUCHA! We arrived hungry, thirsty and excited to experience something new. There was only standing room and we lingered on the side, a little unsure of how this whole place operated. We were greeted enthusiastically with four shots glasses of Palo Santo. We had no idea what it was, but that didn't stop us from clinking our glasses and sampling the Kombucha goodness. Next up, Ginger Lime and Lychee Juniper Lime. The mmmmm's and ohhhh's coming from our mouths were a clear indication that we just stumbled into heaven. We ordered a round of Kombucha and finally managed to get a table and begin the eating. Pupu style is the way to go here. Everything looked too good that you couldn't have one. We got the Quinoa salad and a Rainbow Roll Sushi to start. The mmmmm's and ohhh's couldn't be contained. Next, Da Kine Chili and the Garden Veggie Pizza! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! This is not an understatement. Every bite got better and better. Then came dessert, and I only need to say two words, HAWAIIAN TOAST! Some cracker, jam, bananas and a whole lot of amazingness! Another round of Kombucha and we were definitely experiencing a strong sense of elation. The two guys running the front of the house made the entire experience more pleasurable. The service was superior, their sense of humor entertaining, and we hadn't been called chicas that many times since...never. We were told to try the coffee. Mind you, 3 out of the 4 of us don't drink coffee. If I did drink coffee, it definitely would be that one. We all shared one cup of coffee and passed it around the table like a sacred ceremony. At this point the only word to describe the moment is bliss. Happy stomachs, souls and minds. Just when we thought we had done it all, we heard the word HOT SHOT. It already sounds dangerous and intriguing. The women next to us were raving about it, so we ordered one. It looked scary good. The initial sip isn't bad, but it's a creeper. The best thing to compare it too is Hawaiian chili pepper water. We felt alive after that one! As our Maui Kombucha experience came to an end, we didn't want to leave. Happy, happy is all we could say. Happy to be with friends, happy to eat good food, and happy to live on Maui.

To check out Maui Kombucha, click here!

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beauty secret: don't splurge on mascara!

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We all know cosmetics aren’t cheap. From foundation to lipstick, beauty comes with a price. So when we learn of ways to save, we like to spread the word. Most of us think a higher price means a better product. This isn’t the case with mascara. Mascara has a short “life.” The longer you keep it, the more bacteria. We recommend an affordable and classic choice of mascara…..MAYBELLINE’S GREAT LASH! The pink and green mascara is timeless. We recommend waterproof just in case you get proposed to (black lines down your face is not that cute).

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oil washing

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When we find beauty secrets that work for us, we have to share it! Say hello to the oil washing method. I was recently introduced to this face washing method by a couple of women who have “flawless” skin. It is a pretty simple concept, OIL DISSOLVES OIL. The oil you massage onto your face will dissolve the oil that has hardened with junk found in your pores.

• Castor Oil
• Almond Oil
• Washcloth
• Hot water

1. Place a quarter-sized drop of castor oil and almond oil in your hand.
2. Rub together and begin massaging the oil on your face.
3. Massage your face using slow, circular motions. Really work on getting the oil into your pores.
4. Leave the oils on your face for at least two minutes.
5. Grab your clean washcloth and run it under hot water. You want the water warm enough to open your pores and remove the oil. Be careful and use your best judgment for the right heat.
6. Hold the washcloth over your face until it turns cool.
7. Begin wiping the oil off gently. Rinse your washcloth a couple more times. Repeat this until the oil is off.
8. Look in the mirror and smile :)

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monoi obsession

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We all have that one thing in our bag that we cannot live without. We love it, we need it and without it, you don’t feel the same. Say aloha to my favorite thing: Monoi Oil. This little bottle of happiness changed my life. Monoi, which means scented oil, is traced back to the Maori people of New Zealand. Today, it is associated with the beautiful people of Tahiti. The Tahitian monoi oil is a blend of pure coconut oil and Tiare flowers. You can just smell all its goodness by reading this. Want to get back your tan? Monoi. Want to hydrate your dry skin? Monoi. Want to condition your hair? Monoi. Need to calm down from all the craziness? Monoi. The list can go on and on. If you need proof of its benefits, just Google Tahitian women. Monoi also comes in a bunch of yummy flavors….tiare, coconut vanilla, ylang ylang coconut, plumeria and sandalwood. Want some sunscreen in your oil? Some come with that too! I would rather fly to Tahitii to get my monoi, but luckily it can be found pretty much everywhere. Longs, Down To Earth, Alive & Well and Mana Foods are just a few places on the island to get monoi. You can also purchase it online. I love my Monoi and I know you would too!

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