happy girls day!

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Memories of Girls Day were always fun. The boys would put up our chairs at the end of the day in grade school. We'd be first in the lunch line. As we got older, our boyfriends got us little gifs and mochi with little love notes for the holiday. But what IS Girl's Day? I really had no idea. So of course, I did what I always do when I'm stumped - I asked Siri...

Girl's Day, or Hinamatsui, is celebrated annually on March 3. The Japanese holiday began long ago when they would float Hina dolls down the river as they believed that the dolls embodied evil spirits and bad luck. Sending them down the river would ensure safety and happiness for their children. Now the custom is to display the dolls in February and take them down no later than March 3. Superstition says that if you leave dolls on display longer, the daughter in the house will get married late in life.

You learn something new everyday! Of course there are other stories and a more detailed explanation of the dolls, etc. If you'd like to learn more, I'm sure Siri would be more than happy to help :)

So as custom here in Hawaii‘i, we make pink, yummy chi chi dango! Stop by our store today to get this snack while shopping! If you don't get a chance to stop by, here's the recipe. Its very simple!


1 box mochiko
1 can coconut milk
2 1/2 cups sugar
2 cups water
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. baking powder
food coloring

potato starch for after its done and cut!


Oil and flour a 9x13 pan. Mix ingredients (everything except potato starch) and pour into pan. Bake at 350 degrees covered with foil for one hour. Cut with a plastic knife (less sticky) and powder each piece with potato starch. Enjoy!

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Bento Test #1

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Panda Bento
Tako Bento
Not sure how the bento light bulb went off in my head but once it did, I’ve been slightly obsessed. (We’ll see how long this hobby lasts.) I do know it started right after the ever so hectic holidays which, came right after several months of intense work in the office, which came right after stepping off of this really time consuming board. So after all the business of the board, work and holidays, I guess I felt a little antsy and thought “Sae, you’ve never ever made one of those super cute, time consuming and meticulous kiddy bentos… think you can do it?” I was being challenged by the noise in my head.  
So what you see is my first attempt of a fairly healthy finger food bento for kids. I made these for a friend’s, friend’s 2 year old. She thought that my kids were so lucky. In actuality my children never experienced this maternal side of me, it’s like it kicked in a decade late. (sorry kids!) 
These are FARRRRRR from bentos I searched online, including my friend in San Francisco who would do these amazing “themed” bentos for her 3 boys E-VER-Y-DAY. I thought she was crazy, but in a super awe-inspiring, I’m a terrible mom way.
Well better late than never. I am making bentos for my son’s baseball team this Saturday, less cute, more substance. If all goes well, look out for BENTO TEST #2.

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We all love Pinterest! It is a great place to get inspired. But, lets be honest...sometimes the DIY thing is not that easy. There is much more behind the "beautiful pictures" and "easy step-by-step tutorials." We decided to make a dream catcher for our Valentine's Day window. The great thing about it was we used everything we already had at the store! That always make things easier and affordable. DIY and creativity allows you to learn along the way and you can create your own, unique thing. So here is what we did on a Monday afternoon. Maybe it will inspire you to try it too.

What we used:

  • Hula Hoop
  • Old t-shirts (lacy and silk)
  • Wire (easily be molded)
  • Fishing line
  • Pink yarn
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fake flowers

1. We started off with our big hula hoop! We cut up a cute, old lacy shirt and glued it around the hoop.

2. Then the hard part. I will be honest this took us a couple times to figure out. We molded our metal wire into a heart. This is going to be tricky, but don't get frustrated. You will definitely need some help from a friend. We intertwined the two ends in the middle.

3. Find the perfect spot in the middle of your hoop. Secure a couple sections with the fishing line. We chose the middle and bottom of the heart. Then secured two sides.

4. Time for some yarn! This is the longest part and requires patience. Again, this took us a couple attempts to figure the best way to execute this. We found out tying them individually around the hoop works best! So cut a bunch and get tying. (**Tying the yarn moves the wire heart. Be mindful of tying too loose or too tight)

5. There are going to be some areas (the top of the heart) that will need to glued in place. The more secure the better.

6. Grab your old shirts and get cutting. This will be the hanging party of your dreamcatcher. We made our outside short and went larger toward the middle. Get creative and make the bottom fun!




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A Holiday Poem

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In the heart of Wailuku, there once was a little store,
Where each person was greeted with a smile at the door.
They were local and small, creative and bright!
Their apparel was thoughtful and fit just right.
During the holidays they worked like little elves at the North Pole,
Hoping to bring smiles and joy to every bright little soul.
They're able to flourish and grow because of people like you,
Who support Maui businesses through and through.
They’re more thankful year after year,
That they’re able to be a part of this community they hold so dear.
So Mahalo to you for all that you’ve done,
Cheers to a Merry Christmas and a week full of holiday fun!

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Wise Cracks!

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Wise Cracks

Introducing our newest product just in time for Christmas!!! Maui Thing Wise Cracks - local fortune cookies!

This rainbow flavor mix includes fun colors and onolicious flavors! 

Rainbow Flavor Mix

"Fortunes" range from sayings like:

"Baseball wrong, man with four balls cannot walk."

to inspirational quotes such as:

"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting."

and then there's golden tickets...

"It's your lucky day! 1 free manju from Sam Sato's!"

Our Sae Design & Maui Thing team gathered together our favorite quotes, created new jokes and puns and included our favorite local sayings. A super fun project, we even packed all the boxes ourselves! (so if you have less than 9 cookies, I apologize that I can't count and would be happy to give you an extra if you come back:)

Wise Cracks packing

Mahalo to Lucky Break - Maui Fortune Cookie Co. for partnering with us to make our fun dream a reality! Also, huge thanks to Sam Sato's and Tasaka Guri Guri for agreeing to be our "golden tickets!"

The perfect, unique Maui gift for your loved ones that's sure to "crack" a smile once they open it. 9 out of 10 agree lucky cookies taste better than lucky frogs ;)

Christmas Gift

Price is a lucky $7.77 per box. Each box contains 9 pieces. While supplies last.

*Disclaimer: some fortunes may be rated PG-13! So be careful when giving them to keiki ;)

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Maui Thing and Maui Children's Bookstore Collab

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Amanda and Ash

Local girl, Saedene Ota had always dreamed of creating a modern brand, inspired by all things “good” on Maui. Along with Sae Design, her award-winning design team, they opened Maui Thing in Wailuku in 2008 and provided the island with “clothing with a conscience.” They adopted the slogan “stuck on good,” and have been running with it ever since.


Another kama‘aina returned home from the big city with her husband and 3-year old son. Being a young mom, Amanda Robson decided to pursue her passion of providing Maui families with a place to gather and have access to a handpicked selection of books and toys for keiki aimed to spark their imagination and feed their young minds. So she brilliantly developed Maui Children’s Bookstore and have been seen doing pop-up events all across the island.


Amanda and Ashley Takitani Leahey, co-owner of Maui Thing and great friends with Amanda, worked closely in developing the business and finding ways for their companies to continually collaborate. A blessing in disguise, the Makawao location for Maui Children’s Bookstore fell through. So they turned to Ashley and Maui Thing, and did a pop-up bookstore. What seemed to be a hurdle in their journey, turned out to be a great blessing. By opening their doors to this start-up company, Maui Thing benefitted by having this nurturing, wonderful company within their walls for a day attracting new customers and families.


Maui Thing has been a business mentor to the start-up bookstore. Loving their delightful methods, handpicked inventory and thoughtful business plan, Saedene and Ashley saw a great opportunity for collaboration. After 6 years in Wailuku, the businesswomen see the potential in Wailuku and have been advocates to the town’s bright future. To be able to keep their business in their hometown that they love so much, Maui Thing recently decided to focus on women and children’s apparel. “Our bread and butter has always been women and children apparel and we finally decided it was time to make a change if we wanted to sustain our small business,” remarks Ashley who oversees inventory and finances. In an effort to revamp their store with minimal cost, they chose to develop their children’s focus and invited Amanda into the Maui Thing ohana. She excitedly accepted this win-win offer and in mid-September Maui Thing will host a permanent fixture of Maui Children’s Bookstore within their walls, complete with their vibrant children’s books, educational toys and interactive art and parent/child classes.


So next time you’re in Wailuku, come check out the new space. You can’t help but smile when you see the perfect, positive partnership of Maui family businesses, books and fashion.


All together now from Wade Robson on Vimeo.


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DIY hangers!

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Want to spruce up your closet a bit? Or maybe make an affordable, cute Christmas gift for your girlfriends? Here's a great DIY we're doing in our store! 


All you need are wooden hangers, paint (I used acrylic), a paintbrush and masking tape! (and alcohol and Q-tips if you're anal with these kinds of projects like I am ;)


First you mask. Tape off the areas you DON'T want painted. I don't suggest doing it freehand, masking may take longer, but it's the only way to make straight lines!

Next, paint! 

Once your paint is dry, take off the tape and fix your lines with your Q-tip, if necessary. Continue the taping and painting process till you love the look of your hanger! 


 Enjoy your cute hangers!!!

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