A 2014 Kalikimaka Reminder

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Ashley Takitani | 0 Comments

I’m a Maui girl. This gorgeous island has given me the most beautiful childhood I could imagine and has provided a wonderful place for me as an adult. It holds everything that is dear to me on one small rock in the middle of the Pacific. Award winning and exquisite, Maui is much more than a great vacation spot. It is an endless book of lessons from our ancestors and an incubator for modern technology. It’s the perfect location to remotely run a global business yet the perfect place for a breezy nap in a hammock. It is full of happiness and opportunity, exploding with potential in every aspect. I love this. And for creating all this, I love Maui’s people. Warm, kind-hearted, and overly generous. I mean, we surely all have those Auntie’s and Grandma’s that live to stuff your belly with yummy, homemade goodies every time you’re over. Or that Uncle that makes the most perfectly salty smoked meat you’ve ever tasted. This love of food, value of family and abundance of friends that become family is what makes Maui Maui. Simply said, it’s the people - the sweet moms, comedic dads, kolohe brothers, loud aunties, crazy uncles, best friends who turn out to be lifelong sisters and local surfer boy heartbreaks that make you stronger…a lifetime of love, lessons and laughs that I’m overly thankful for.


So this is just a quick reminder to really take the time to enjoy the holiday season. Before we know it, we’re exhausted from holiday parties and 2015 is knocking at the door. Being in the retail industry especially, we can easily overlook the real meaning of Christmas as we plan for the biggest sales and try to take advantage of all the Black Friday steals for ourselves. Trust me, I know this all too well. Every time a cute bag or pair of new boots pop up in my email inbox, it takes an immense amount of restraint not to click on it! So no, reading this blog post isn’t going to make your Christmas list any shorter nor will it make the season any longer…but it may inspire you to reflect. It may give you a sentimental gift idea or motivate you to buy a gift for a child in need. It might dare you to shop 100% local this season. Or it might just spark a smile. Whatever it is, all I ask is that you take a moment to enjoy this holiday season, be happy and spend time with the people that make life worth living.




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