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Out of guilt and no good excuses for missing a week of Boot Camp, I'm finally writing about Michael Labuanan's Bootcamp. I started going about a year ago when Mike was located in another training facility that had barely enough space for five people. The workout consisted of a pre-recorded series of exercises ranging from spider man push-ups to kettle bell lifts. The work-out was intense and quick but I could see in Mike's eyes that he had big dreams and was getting antsy. A few months later Mike moved to a bigger space. A beautiful room consisting of Bootcamp by day and Zumba by night. In the morning we would find tiny pieces of sparkly and colorful beads on the floor. Mike's class count increased but there was still a yearning in Mike's eyes. Rubber bands were not cutting it. Mike wanted more.

Which leads us to Mike's newest and hopefully permanent location. A wonderfully big space with a full weight gym, about 200 exercise balls and "toys of torture" like the ropes. Long blue synthetic ropes that you're supposed to wave in the air while squatting...yellow metal handle bars to make your arms shake uncontrollably. I've only wanted to puke out of exhaustion twice, but other than that the workout is fun and quick. What's really nice is that everyone can go at their own pace and you can easily adjust the workout to your level. There are some big guns doing 50 pound kettle bells but I prefer the dainty 25's.

I highly recommend this regiment. With morning and afternoon classes to choose from and flexible contracts you can't go wrong. Mike's a great guy and I know his "Maui Thing" is getting friends fit. Want a firm butt? Go to Booty Camp. I see lots of them.

Visit for more information or contact Mike at Phone 808-357-1303.

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