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NAUPAKA. Its flower is unique, but its story is what makes it special. Naupaka (kahakai) can be found near the ocean shore. The shrub's white and purple blossoms look as if they have been cut perfectly in half. Now, head up toward the mountains and you will find a similar shrub with a different shape and shade of green. This shrub also has blossoms that look as if they have been perfectly cut in half. There is no denying the relation and connection between these two shrubs whose blossoms put together make a complete flower.

Naupaka is the theme of many Hawaiian love stories. The stories tell of separation and the heartache of being apart....a love that resides in the mountains and near the sea.

Our Naupaka design is a tribute to the beauty behind the many love stories associated with this flower. Its intricate and delicate design moves with grace on this comfy tank. Fashionable, comfortable and designed with love.


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behind the design: mauka makai

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Every design on our clothing has a story. Some are funny, sentimental or inspired by something we love. Whatever the reason, we believe design is powerful. It can change your day or bring back a childhood memory. We wanted to take you through the process of how an idea becomes fashion.

I love the water. It is healing, refreshing, and so many more adjectives. My girlfriends and I call ourselves the MAUI MERMAIDS (more about this later). For a couple weeks I would do an early morning swim at Waihe’e Beach. After work, I would head up to ‘Iao Valley and finish the day in the river. From salt water to fresh water. From ocean (makai) to mountain (mauka).

Mauka to makai is a popular saying in Hawaii. For Hawaiians, the significance of the two is sacred, meaningful, and is the foundation of Hawaiian culture. I thought it would be a great idea for a design.

Ash and I began sketching over and over. This process is fun, but also annoying. We can sit there for hours and it will never look “right.” So we gave it to the master herself, Saedene, to figure out. I knew she would bring my idea to life.

We tweaked the design a couple times. We weren’t sure if we wanted it horizontal or vertical. Little details are important in design. I was satisfied once it was complete. Ash found the perfect shirt to print it on. It was loose, breezy and absolutely perfect for summer! The idea was now wearable art!

When I look at this shirt, I feel the energy of the water and the land. Both are valuable and sacred. Without it we don’t exist, and that’s a great reason to respect it.

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