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Everyday our back hallway echoes with the sound of a tattoo gun. Our dear friend, Boze Kapoi, owner of Pride Ink Tattoo, is our neighbor. So it is only natural that the desire to get a tattoo is more likely for us girls at Maui Thing. For more than a year I have gone back and forth about the idea of permanently inking my body. What to get? Where to get it? How big? The questions were endless. Tattoos are a reflection of who you are and what you stand for. I wanted to make sure it was right.

A year ago my girlfriends and I wanted to learn the Hawaiian word for patience. We all needed it for certain reasons in our lives. This was when we were introduced to AHONUI, patience with perseverance. I never heard or saw this word before. After that night, it began to show up in unusual places in my life. The Hawaiian language is complex, which also makes it beautiful. There is always so much more in the roots of the word. The kaona (hidden meaning) for ahonui is much more than being patient. It would take a couple pages for me to explain the word, but I won’t do that. Instead I will leave you with this….

“It is not waiting to be healed, it’s using everything you know and doing everything you can to make the healing happen.”

“It is not the patience of waiting out a storm. It is the perseverance of moving through a storm to your destination.”

Ahonui is the act of moving toward something you want for as many breaths as it takes. We all can relate to this. Whether it is with our careers, family, strangers, health, fitness, relationships, etc., ahonui is a significant word for us all. I knew this was what I wanted to tattoo.

I decided to place it on my foot. Our feet are what ground us, and I am always barefoot so I needed something to make them look a little cuter. I gave the raw materials to Boze and let him figure out the rest. Now, I actually had to get the tattoo. I’m not going to lie, it did hurt a little. I had to concentrate really hard on not punting Boze in the face. Thirty minutes later it was finished.

I instantly fell in love with my tattoo. I never stared at my feet so much (I wish I got a pedicure before that though). When things get hectic or overwhelming I have something to remind me of why I got a tattoo.

Click here to check out Boze Kapoi at Pride Ink Tattoo.

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wailuku first friday: ekolu live!

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In celebration of the grand opening of Boze Kapoi's PRIDE INK, Ekolu will be playing live this First Friday on the Maui Thing stage! Ekolu, a homegrown Maui band, got their start at Brown Bags to Stardom at Baldwin High School in 1995. With hits like "Just One Night," and " Shores of Waiehu," all of us have grown to love the band and their laid back vibes. We're stoked to have these 3-time Na Hoku Hanohano award winners play for us on Market Street!!!

First Friday was a blast, opening the festivities was Hi Riz from the Big Island!

Then Ekolu was up, and they jammed! Market Street was buzzing with people! Mahalo Ekolu!

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