Christmas Art Activites for the Keiki!

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Here's a sneak peek at our art activities we have planned for Second Saturday Art tomorrow morning! We'll be making candy cane mice and Christmas trees!

Here's what you need:


First the candy cane mouse! 

1. Cut out green felt in a water drop shape. Note to cut 2 slits for the ears to fit through. 

2. Cut out red felt for ears and a little nose.

3. Glue eyes and nose on. Pull ears through the slit.

4. Push the candy cane through the loop the ears made on the bottom of the mouse. See photo below.


Second, the Christmas Tree! It can be a fun photo frame or an ornament! 

This one's really easy...

1. Cut out 3 strips of poster board or construction paper. 2 a little longer (about 6"), one shorter (about 5") for the bottom of the triangle.

2. Cut out a brown stump.

3. Glue the corners together and add the stump! We used a glue stick.

4. You can either cut out a star or use these little stars we found in our crafts bin :)

5. Decorate with sequins, polka-dots, anything you want. For these, we used tacky glue.

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second saturday art: olympics 2012!

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a week full of fun!

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happy chinese new year!

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second saturday art: wind socks

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For July's Second Saturday Art class, the kids made wind socks! It was the perfect day for these, because it was pretty breezy out! Missed Second Saturday Art? Here's how to easily make one at home...

1. A long rectangular piece of white construction paper.
2. Tissue paper, cut into strips.
3. Glue
4. Pens, crayons
5. Yarn
6. Hole Puncher
7. Stapler

First draw an ocean scene on the construction paper. We also cut out some fish shapes out of old magazines to glue into their fish scene.

Flip the drawing over and glue the strips of tissue paper to the bottom of the paper. Make sure you're gluing on the back (blank) side of the paper. Note: Glue strips so the colored/printed side is face down.
Next staple the ends together, punch 2 holes in the top and tie a 12-inch piece of yarn through the holes.

And you have a wind sock! Hang it out on the porch and watch it blow in the Maui breeze...

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june second saturday art: dad day!

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The kids made fish to go fishing with daddy right at home! To do this at home, follow these simple directions:

1. Draw and decorate a fish on a piece of fun colored construction paper.
2. Cut out the fish.
3. Stick a magnet on the fish's mouth (you can also use paper clips that you bend open).
4. Tie a chopstick to one end of a piece of string and a magnet (or paper clip) to the other.
5. Go fishing!!

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second saturday art project: chip clip butterfly

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This past weekend the keiki made chip clip butterflies! These are the materials needed:

1. a clothespin
2. pens
3. googly eyes
4. pipe cleaners
5. a snack sized ziploc full of yummy cereal
6. a small sticky magnet (so the chip clip can be a fridge magnet when not in use!)

1. decorate clothespin
2. glue on googly eyes
3. add pipe cleaner antennas
4. stick magnet to the back of clothespin.
5. clip to the middle of the snack bag

Emma and her fun butterfly!

They also made Easter baskets and fun Easter cards for Mom and Dad :)

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