year of the rabbit art contest

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Mina won Best in Show! Isn't she creative? She used amazing colors!

At this past First Friday, we announced the winners of our Chinese New Year art contest! February 3, 2011 marked Chinese New Year: The Year of the Rabbit. The Rabbit is gentle and known for survival. The rabbit flourishes in a world of predators by being alert, quick, peaceful, productive, attentive and aware. The rabbit uses its intuition to steadily, persistently steer itself in the right direction, thus leading to success. This was learned from the Tortoise in their fabled great race. This year success should be measured by simple things. Success could be found in a re-invented or re-discovered YOU. Be open-minded and alert to these opportunities. Listen to yourself and be open to being inspired.

With these values in mind, we held our annual Chinese New Year art contest, opened to all the public schools on the island. Every child receives a small prize, 2 winners in each grade got to choose a Maui Thing tshirt and got a bunch of art supplies donated from Ben Franklin! This year we got over 300 entries! The entries were judged by Sidney Yee's Kaunoa art class, who also has pieces on exhibit at Maui Thing. Make sure to stop by the store to check out all the amazing work from the elementary and senior students! They will be on display for the month! Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all the teachers and students who help make this happen!

The winners announced at First Friday!

Be sure to stop by the store this month to check out all the creative entries!

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second saturday art: year of the rabbit

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christmas mice

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December's Second Saturday Art classes were all about Christmas! Check out the cute mice the kids made...with candy cane tails! It's an effortless but totally fun project to do at home with the kiddos!

Supplies needed: Scissors, glue (tacky glue actually works best), felt in green and red cut into these shapes above, wiggly eyes, little felt circles for noses, and candy canes!

1. Cut two slits toward the top of the mouse's body
2. Put the ears through the slits
3. Glue on wiggly eyes and little nose
4. Stick candy cane in loop made by the ears (on the bottom side of body)

Christmas Mice!!!

There's always mural painting at Second Saturday Art!

Every mouse was unique :)

The gals with their Holiday projects!

The kids made Christmas cards, decorative trees, and Christmas mice! See you next month!

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thanksgiving curly turkeys

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One of our Second Saturday Art projects this month was the curly turkey! A fun and festive project for the little ones, it makes for great, homemade decorations for the upcoming holiday..

The necessary supplies are basic: yellow, red, orange, brown construction paper (we pre-cut them for the kids to make it easier for the younger ones), a recycled mini water bottle (or small plastic/paper cup), glue, and googly eyes.

Step 1: Curl the strips of paper by twirling it around your finger or a pen
Step 2: Glue your brown circle onto your yellow turkey body. Glue curly strips of paper onto the yellow turkey body for feathers
Step 3: Glue on your water bottle (or small plastic/paper cup)
Step 4: Give your turkey a face and wings

Lastly, glue the body onto the water bottle and add his little brown feet to the bottom of the bottle. Gobble gobble!

Along with the curly turkeys, the Second Saturday Art keiki crew also made their own Native American headbands.

And Thanksgiving cards with real Fall leaves from the mainland!

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going batty

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Second Saturday Art for October was all about Halloween! Need a fun, affordable activity for the kids? Make bat puppets or "bat-mobiles!"

Supplies: black construction paper, white pencil or crayon, scissors, black string, hole puncher, twigs. (trace bats ahead of time for the kids to decorate then cut out)

Step 1: Decorate the bats
Step 2: Cut out the bats
Step 3: Punch a hole between the bat's ears
Step 4: Tie one end of the string to the bat, the other around the twig

The final product!


Other fun projects for Halloween we did at Second Saturday Art:

Ghost Lollipops. Just wrap a lollipop in tissue paper, paper towel, or tissue. Tie at the neck, and draw a ghostly face on it!

Maui Thing trick-or-treat bags to carry all their Halloween candy!

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second saturday art

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On every Second Saturday of the month, Maui Think keiki get together at the store for free art activities! The family trend spread quite fast through the Maui community, like most rumored free things, and has really become a huge hit that we all look forward too. Every month the activites are themed; we celebrated Halloween with crazy mask making, Trick or Treat bags, and pumpkin fun. We've made egg-cart caterpillars in the spring, heart baskets for Valentines Day, cloud wind puppets this summer, and Earth Day art, to name a few. The art projects are endless and always super fun!

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