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Back in March, Ash came up to me and said, “What if we got The Green for our five-year anniversary?” I gave her that excited/worried face for a few seconds, and then said, “Lets do it!” We both had this dream of what we wanted that night to look and feel like. Two weeks ago our dream became a reality.

Once we found out The Green was in, everything became real. We unveiled our “SECRET” plan to our friend Kawika from Native 92.5. His face and excitement reassured us this was going to be something Maui has never experienced.

The planning was endless. From stage construction to green lighting, we had to make sure every detail was covered. The “SECRET BAND” aspect made things a little more difficult. “The Brady Bunch” became the code word for anything green. The radio ads were intense. We will be the first to admit, they gave us a little bit of anxiety. “YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED, TRUST US” echoed through our car, store and home radios as a constant reminder of what was coming up…

Besides planning the actual event, we had to make sure our new summer line was here on time. Design, order, print, ship, count, fold, tag, hang…..the long, but fun process of retail. Once the clothes were in, Ash could breathe a little?

Picking a fashion show theme isn’t easy. The ideas are endless, but the execution makes things a little complicated. It only seemed right to theme our show with the music. The Green’s hit song, “Alive,” became the inspiration for our fashion show. Sixteen models and 43 different looks… we had our work cut out for us. Ideas were flying everywhere, photos, inspiration boards, creative conversations, the show consumed our every thought.

We wake up and all of a sudden, it is Friday, July 5 - the moment where all you can do is believe everything you have done will work out. Stage and runway construction began early morning. Ken, John and Kanoa definitely got their workout in, and quite a tan from constructing our set. The flowers were driven in from Hana. David and crew set-up lights and sound. The band arrived, and during sound check, a heavy, grey cloud lingered in Iao. We needed a tarp, and fast. Thank you Mr. Beauchamp for coming to the rescue. The Carpenter’s Union constructed our backdrop and in a blink of an eye. Kanoa and Keone stapled their little hearts out as fast as they could. After a little mishap here and there and a couple small tweaks to the program, we’re finally ready for this.

After running around like a chicken without a head, I finally got to join the rest of the models for some hair and make-up. At 7:10 p.m., the party bus arrived, confining the secret band. After Kawika hyped up the anxious crowd, out stepped six talented guys that might be referred to as the Beatles of Hawaii. Once the first chord was played, everything fell into place.

Behind a black, tinted door, the models were anxiously awaiting for “Travlah” to begin playing. With ti-leaf masks disguising our identities, we all became “The Green Girl,” who adorns the cover of their albums. Each year Ash and I have this moment right before I walk on the runway. It is a moment of excitement, respect and appreciation for each other. We know everything, from the late nights to the stress, were worth this one night of excitement.

[caption id="attachment_1775" align="alignnone" width="533"] (Photo: Tony-Novak Clifford)[/caption]

We cannot express how thankful we are for EVERYONE who helped make this night possible. Collaboration and cooperation are truly what makes things like this happen. Dreams become a reality when people work together with good intentions. This night was truly about celebrating with the people and community who continue to support our business and our hope to inspire through design.

Big mahalo to The Green! We are so proud of you guys and appreciate you sharing this night with us. See you in another FIVE YEARS!


• Tamura’s
• Alexander & Baldwin
• Native 92.5
• Maui Beach Hotel
• Goodfellow Brothers
• Takitani, Agaran & Jorgenson Law Offices
• Wailuku First Friday
• Rockstar Rides
• CK Cinema
• Tony Novak-Clifford
• The Carpenter’s Union
• Anheuser-Busch
• Ry-n Shimabukuro
• Michelle Handley
• Yuki Lei Sugimura
• Uncle Alan, Ken, John, Kanoa, Keone, Cassie, Aunty Audrey
• Beauchamp’s
• David and the sound crew
• Mr. Priest
• Maui Police Department
• Aloha Poi
• Celina, Monique and Camille
• All the beautiful models
• Wendy and Denise
• Kelsen “Kihe”
• Heather, Tilly, Drea, Aimee, Jonathan, Royce, Grant, Jenna, Rachelle
• Scott at Enterprise

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