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Posted on April 19, 2011 by ashley | 0 Comments

Ironic. Our next concept theme for our summer line is "dreams." I'm in Vegas. So the obvious is financial stability, basically a big win. But let's look at the big picture...considering what's going on in the world: japan, hunger, the environment... Too be quite honest it's quite easy to look past all of those struggles in sin city. Every one here lives in the mode and mind set of "what if?" What if I won 10 mill? What would I do with10 mill? It's a dream for sure, but unlikely for most. So leads me back to some fundamental dreams. Health care for all and educational opportunities for all. Opportunity and optimism for those without family and thus support. A drive always to look beyond what's possible when everything looks dire. I'm quite the idealist. My dream? The big war, understanding and acceptance.

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