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first annual spam jam on maui

Posted on July 23, 2010 by ashley | 0 Comments

The first annual Spam Jam was a blast! The Maui Thing Keiki Zone drew a bunch of kids that had fun doing arts and crafts and playing Spam Pong! They planted veggies in Spam cans, a great way to recycle and start a garden at home. They colored surfing Spammy, and got to paint a huge banner!

This special event originally started in Waikiki almost 8 years ago has finally made it to Maui. On Saturday the 24th, Maui enjoyed an entire day dedicated to the Hawaiian delicacy: Spam.

There was the Spam Challenge, a cooking competition of great, innovative Spam dishes. Entertainment also included local comedy and musical performances by Kolohe Kai and award-winning Na Palapalai.

Hosted by KPOA’s Morning Goddess, Alaka‘i Paleka, the first annual Spam Jam at the Maui Tropical Plantaion was a success! Thanks to everyone who brought the keiki to the Keiki Zone! We all had a blast, see you next year!

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second saturday art

Posted on June 30, 2010 by ashley | 0 Comments

On every Second Saturday of the month, Maui Think keiki get together at the store for free art activities! The family trend spread quite fast through the Maui community, like most rumored free things, and has really become a huge hit that we all look forward too. Every month the activites are themed; we celebrated Halloween with crazy mask making, Trick or Treat bags, and pumpkin fun. We've made egg-cart caterpillars in the spring, heart baskets for Valentines Day, cloud wind puppets this summer, and Earth Day art, to name a few. The art projects are endless and always super fun!

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wailuku first friday

Posted on May 28, 2010 by ashley | 0 Comments

It's not always easy being a young, Wailuku resident. The club scene is nonexistent. The few bars that exist close super early. The dating scene...not all that promising either. That leaves us young, active adults with garage pow wows and television watching. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way complaining about life on Maui, I'm in love with it for soooo many reasons..most being daytime activities. Every once in a while it would be nice to be able to go out dancing without having to drive on the pali. Thank goodness for Wailuku First Friday! It started a few years ago and has continuously grown to be a meeting place for family, friends, and visitors every month. Its the one event you can count on every month. The one event where families, teens, young professionals can hang out all together. We are a huge supporter of the event and try our best to provide local entertainment for everyone. During our first year we had many great, local bands play: Super Dub 5, Erin Smith & The Throwdowns, DJ Jay-P, Pito Javier, The Flying Sheep Problem, Hawaiian By Nature and Vince Esquire. We love rockin' the streets of Wailuku and couldn't pick a better community to do it in!! We keep it fresh every month, doing fashion shows, launch parties, charity events, art shows, dancing, and all types of live music. This past year we've been lucky enough to have even more local music rock the street in front of our store: the Air Force Band, Mobius Project, Ka‘ale and the Truth, Anuhea, Tarvin Makia, and many more! If you haven't yet, come check out the festivities on Market Street! It fun happens every First Friday of the month on Market Street. 6-8pm.

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