Maui Thing is about balancing commerce and community. It's about giving back, through music, art, or events. we have been able to create and sustain our business because of the support of friends, family and neighbors. Since our beginning in 2008, our little store on Market Street has been so blessed to have such phenomenal support.

We are a brand that goes beyond the typical carefree and fun loving beach culture of the big brands and different from the local Maui brands that are based on a self-centered and negative attitude. Maui Thing is about lifestyle AND living. It's about what's relevant to our community now, it's about the future of our environment...It's about what we would say Maui ideally represents: a common deep love and concern for this island, understanding and openness to our diverse cultures and the people that live or visit here. It truly is a Maui thing.

The octopus is a significant symbol of what Maui Thing represents. Multi-faceted and innovative, but always true to its original form..Maui. In the end we hope our brand is memorable and that our apparel are unique and meaningful. Design and fancy graphics won't save the world, but design with intent can provoke and intrigue.